The Shrimp Tank

Alder Cones (30g)


Alder Cones are supposed to help lower pH and prevent fungal infections when added to an aquarium. They do release a lot of tannins and noticeably darken your water. I had previously sold Casorina pods (30g) as "large alder cones".

The Shrimp Tank

Bamboo Wood


Our bamboo tunnels and pipes make excellent hideouts for your shrimp and crayfish and is free of pesticides that could harm your shrimp.    Directions:  It is normal for bamboo to float in your tank for several days to a week before...


BorneoWild Bee Ball


Bee Ball is a ceramic ball made of Bamboo Charcoal that slowly releases anions and minerals. The negatively charged parameter creates a refreshing natural environment that vitalizes metabolism and bacterium activities. It strengthens immune system of...


BorneoWild Crimson - 30g


New 30g Size!! (photo is of the old 15g size).   This Borneowild product enhances the redness of bee shrimps in a clear and striking fashion. GH and TDS are raised mildly when added. Directions: Use 1 spoon / 200L water once a week. Water may...


BorneoWild Dance - 40mL


DANCE is a highly concentrated Chitin-based additive made from 100% natural material that promotes breeding, moulting and growth in crystal shrimps. Use when observed slowing growth or decreasing breeding rate. Directions:Use once per week or after...


Borneowild Ebi Net


Ebi Net is a long shrimp net with a round 3D net. The 3D netting holds its shape when underwater making it easier to selectively catch a single shrimp. It also doesn’t collapse as easily when you pull it out of the water which could injure the...


BorneoWild Enlive - 100g


Enlive is a multi-purpose culture of more then 100 types of bacteria in dormant state. It helps to seed the bacterial culture safely and quickly in substrate system as well as in new tank when dosed into water directly. This is a great freshawter...


BorneoWild Exterminate - 35g


Exterminate is made from camellia seeds extract. It removes undesired pest such as planaria, hydra and snails with 1-2 dosage. Add 1g per 60 liters of water. 1 level spoon (provided) contains ~1g. Dose again if problem persist after 4days. Recommended...


BorneoWild Maifan Balls


The Maifan Stone mineral balls can be used safely in combination with an active aquarium soil in a typical shrimp or planted aquarium. Maifan Stone ball helps to increase oxygen concentration in water, remove pollutants, heavy metals etc, as well we...


BorneoWild Shield - 60g


Shield is a natural product that enhances growth, immunity and anti-disease ability, lowers death rate, and even controls white spots when used with fish. It absorbs toxins and wastes such as HNO2, NH3/4, NO3, and H2S and assimilates organic waste into...


BorneoWild Stout - 30g


Stout is a supplementary food made of various minerals, vitamins, and micro-nutrients that promote strong and thick shells in shrimp. This is a must-have in freshwater shrimp care. Directions: Mix and shake well with tank water before feeding. Feed as...


BorneoWild Vigor - 30g


Vigor is a mixture of enzymes and chitosan that maintains water quality, promotes growth, and the enhances the coloration and moulting of juvenile and adult shrimps. You will observe that shrimps stop dying during unsuccessful moulting. This great shrimp...


BorneoWild White - 30g


White is a supplement of various minerals, vitamin and micro-nutrients for shrimps that promotes healthy white stripes, general color development and thickening on outer shell. Recommended to be used from young for proper development. Directions: Add 1...

The Shrimp Tank

Casorina pods (30g)


I had previously sold Casorina Pods as "Large Alder Cones" These cones will float for a few days and then sink and provide a place for biofilm to grow and will release a small amount of tannins.