Starting a Shrimp Tank Part 1: What to Consider

21st Sep 2015

When you decide to get into the hobby of growing shrimp, it is an exciting time! This is a beautiful hobby that is very rewarding, especially if you are organized about it. At The Shrimp Tank, we want you to enjoy your experience with shrimp. Jumping in without considering the whole picture can lead to great disappointment, so make sure that you are completely prepared before starting a tank. Consider these three things carefully:

Do you have the time?

Maintaining a shrimp tank can take a good deal of time, especially if you have a large tank. If you have a busy schedule, do yourself and your future shrimp a favor: find shrimp and plants that are low-maintenance. Everyone will be glad you did!

Do you have the money?

If you do enough research, it is completely possible to build and sustain a gorgeous shrimp tank on a tight budget. Just remember to consider everything, including water and electricity usage. A large tank (or many tanks) will consume a lot of water, and if your plants need special lights, you will quickly find that your bills have gone up. Hardy shrimp that will not need as many special products are also a good idea.

Do you have a good location?

Your shrimp tank will need a place that is far from windows in order to avoid sunlight and drastic temperature changes. First floors and basements are usually ideal, because they stay cooler. Make sure the floor is level and that there will not be a lot of traffic that could knock the tank over.

At The Shrimp Tank, we are experts at raising and caring for shrimp. Check out our secure online store or explore our forum for more advice. We look forward to doing business with you!