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4th Sep 2015

Welcome to the official blog of The Shrimp Tank! If you love shrimp, you’ve come to the right place. More and more people are realizing that shrimp make great pets, and we are here to provide the complete support to shrimp owners everywhere.

We are a Top Rated NationalⓇ seller of aquarium products, but our services do not end there. Our expertise is also at your disposal. We are hobbyists just like you, and we have years of experience with many shrimp breeds. We know how to solve problems and to help you achieve the goals you have for your shrimp tank. Not only that, our site features a healthy forum where you can discuss your shrimp with other owners. Do not miss out on the benefits of this great community of like-minded and knowledgeable people!

If you are looking for actual shrimp or you need supplies, we have what you need. We sell many different types of shrimp depending on what is in stock, so keep an eye on our shrimp species. If you are not sure which breed you want, peruse our pages on each breed and read up on them. We offer complete descriptions and facts for each breed. Additionally, we have several breeds of freshwater snails for sale.

Once you have shrimp, the game is all about keeping them healthy and happy. After you get help from our forum, you can explore our shrimp care products. We carry everything from food to pest and disease control. Whatever issue you need to address, we can help.

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