Cologne Shrimp Food

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - BabyPro


Rearing feed Even the most discriminating gourmets go to this food. Our tried and true CSF BabyPro is now available with improved formulation after exhaustive tests by experienced shrimp farmers...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Bee Fruit


Freshwater shrimp need an especially varied and healthy diet. CSF's new Bee Fruit Mixis a combination of various selected fruit, nightshade plants, deciduous varieties of leaves, seeds (ground),...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Bee Mix


Montmorillonite improves molting in shrimp and helps improve the white in Bee Shrimp (Crystal Red and Crystal Black Shrimp). Montmorillonite possesses the ability to bind water, proteins, positively...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Bee Pollen


Collected by bees from fragrant meadows alpine foothills, quaint moorland, wide valleys and other sweeping landscapes. Bee pollen contains: Calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus,...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Medi Mix


We are pleased to present our new Medicare Mix to present. From the idea that "prevention is better than cure", we have developed this food, tested and brought it to market. Natural ingredients...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Nettle+


Feed Supplement Now with the addition of peppers (rich in vitamin C) it is very popular with all invertebrates and even catfish! Very good and inexpensive food supplement...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Power Protein


Has a best by date of 5/18.  The food is still sealed so it is good beyond this date but I am putting it on sale to clear it out.   CSF Power Protein in a supplemental food for your...

Cologne Shrimp Food

CSF - Sample Pack


This is an awesome way to get to know the CSF line of shrimp foods and see which is your shrimp's favorite! This sample pack comes with the following varieties: CSF - Baby Pro Sticks CSF - Bee Fruit...