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Ramhorn Snail




Common Name Ramhorn Snail
Scientific Name Planorbis corneus/rubrum
Adult Size 1.5-2.0 CM or 0.6-0.8 inches
Water Temp 15°-30° C or 60°-85° F
pH Range 6.5-8.0
Water Hardness Soft-Hard
Fresh or Salt Water Freshwater
Larval Stage None. Young hatch as miniature versions of the adults
Difficulty Easy
Egg/Saddle Color Clearish and are laid underwater in a small gel mass
Behavior Non-aggressive


General Information

The Ramhorn Snail is another common aquatic snail. They do not eat plants and will help eat any excess food, dead plants, and small amounts of algae.

Ramshorn Snails are egg layers and lay their eggs in translucent egg masses on the glass or other objects in the aquarium. The masses usually contain about a dozen eggs or so. It is possible to actually see developing snails in the egg mass, which are a clearish white color. Ramhorn's are hermaphroditic and if they are overfed they can reach plague levels.


As their name implies Ramhorn Snail Shells are shaped like a ram's horn. There are several different color morphs including brown, red, and blue


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