Shipping, Returns, & Live Arrival Guarantee

To help make sure that you have all the info you need before making a purchase I want you to be aware of the following:

General Information

  • Shipping Days - I am usually able to ship the next Post Office shipping day (excludes Sundays and holiday's).  I prefer to ship orders with shrimp on Saturday's, Mondays, and Tuesdays to prevent the shrimp from sitting in the Post Office over the weekend.  Let me know if you have specific requests though and I will try and accomodate them.
  • Tracking Your Order - You will receive an email from the shopping cart with a tracking number. Please make sure you will be around when the package is delivered so it is not exposed to the elements for very long. You can call the post office and ask them to hold the package there and you can pick it up in person.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee - I guarantee live arrival on all of my livestock orders regardless of shipping method or delays due to the post office!  To qualify for the Live Arrival Guarantee you must accept delivery from the post office on the first delivery attempt.  Additionally you need to notify me of any losses and provide clear pictures of any dead livestock within 2 hours of delivery in the original breather bag. 


Livestock - Shrimp and Other Inverts

  • Shipping Size - I ship juvi shrimp. Smaller shrimp produce less waste during shipping and therefore I am able to reduce the shipping weight and cost. Additionally young shrimp adapt better to a new tank then adults and therefore have a higher survival rate. They are usually around 1cm in size but may be smaller or larger depending on what I have available.  If they are smaller I include a few extra.
  • Compatibility Issues - Many shrimp species can interbreed with each other while others have different temperature, pH, or water hardness requirements. These issues mean that many species are not suitable to be kept together. Please make sure you have reviewed the other requirement's for any species you are considering keeping together to make sure they have similar requirements. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding compatibility.
  • Shrimp and Fish - Be aware that fish will eat anything that fits into their mouth. More aggressive fish (cichlids for example) will tear the shrimp into bite sized pieces if necessary. Please be aware of this when planning your tanks. Most species can be kept with small tetra or community fish but the fish WILL eat some or all of the baby shrimp. I do NOT recommend to put your shrimp with fish initially. Once your shrimp have had time to multiply you can add some small fish and see what happens but adding small shrimp (like the ones I sell) to a tank with fish in asking for trouble.


General Comments about Dry Goods

  • Volume of Product - Many dry products I sell have desiccants in them to keep the products fresh and to prevent clumping in powders. Since some of the volume of the bottle is taken up with a desiccant the bottle will not be full once the desiccant has been removed. The volume or weight I have listed in my store is the volume or weight of the actual product and does NOT include the desiccant weight.


  • Returns are accepted within 30 days of deliver on dry goods only.  The product must be un-used.  Contact me for return instructions.