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Starting a Shrimp Tank Part 2: What to Buy

The Shrimp Tank is your premier source for everything shrimp. Whether you are new to the hobby or you’ve been raising shrimp for years, we have what you need. In our last blog, we discussed general requirements to fill before you get shrimp. In the next two blogs, we will discover the items you need to buy before purchasing plants or shrimp.

  1. The right sized tank
    1. You should not go smaller than 15 gallons for shrimp. Otherwise, it will be hard to provide stable water conditions. Research your local pet store for the sizes of tanks they carry. Make sure you get a tank that is the size and look you want.
  2. Tank stand
    1. Your shelf is not going to be strong enough to hold your tank. Neither is your dresser. When you buy your tank, ask about stands. Oftentimes, larger tanks come with stands. Do what you must to make absolutely sure that your tank will not crash to the floor.
  3. Light
    1. Whether you have plants or not, you will want a light that will let you see your shrimp. And if you do have plants, you will need a strong enough light for them. We recommend about 3W per gallon. Again, do your research. Your pet store will have some great options, so get what will get the job done while fitting your budget.
  4. Water dechlorinator
    1. You will only need this if you use tap water, which contains chlorine in an effort to kill off bacteria. The chlorine will kill your shrimp and the bacteria you need to create a healthy ecosystem. Most dechlorinators do a great job, but you can research them if you want to.

Contact the Shrimp Tank or explore our forum with any questions you have!

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